About bimbabet.com

The main objective of the implementation of this idea is the desire for a fair bet which excludes the use of odds to calculate and to develop strategies for maximising profits and taking big risks. In fact, bimbabet is about the essence of betting, using knowledge and fair sums without dispensing gains that form the greatest portion of the platform. This is firmly anchored in the vision and serves as a common thread through the design of the software, which offers people a virtual platform to bet on, as it takes place in among students at university, in the office with colleagues or at the family table. Following the motto, back to the roots of betting, bimbabet distinguishes itself by highlighting the "socialising" aspect that is so unique in this industry.

The aim is to offer betting between friends as an alternative platform with less risk and higher chances of winning, and to make bimbabet one of the players in the European betting industry.

The passion for football, the associated competitions and the desire to win fairly, have led to this project. With a clear product concept and a long-term target, bimbabet embodies a betting philosophy in which knowledge, socialising, football and fairness are firmly anchored.


bimbabet - simply better for bettors!